From Vision to Action

«To engage SILAB in socially committed action while confirming its scientific culture, fundamental values and humanism – it is for these reasons that I decided on this creation» Jean PAUFIQUE, Founder and president

The aim of the SILAB – Jean PAUFIQUE Corporate Foundation is to provide active and constant support for fundamental and applied Research dedicated to the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of skin pathologies, particularly skin cancer.

Professors Philippe HUMBERT and Christophe BEDANE, opinion leaders in the domain of Dermatological Research, have joined the Governing Body of the Corporate Foundation. They make an essential contribution to the corporate approach based on shared values: a passion for Research and support for young talent.


2016 prize-winner: Jonas OGIEN

jonas OGIEN Jonas OGIEN has been named the 9th winner of SILAB – Jean PAUFIQUE Corporate Foundation.
The project chosen focuses on « Microscopy by high-resolution, augmented-contrast optical coherence for non-invasive diagnosis of skin cancer ». His research will be carried out at the Charly Fabry Laboratory in Palaiseau, part of the Optical Institute Graduate School, under the supervision of Arnaud Dubois, Professor in charge of the « Biomedical Imaging Systems » team. The objective of the project is to develop an optical imaging system with the capacity to produce similar images to the histological images currently used to diagnose skin cancer, in an non-invasive way (without a biopsy) and in real time. Additional imaging methods (angiography and polarimetry) will also be included in the system to improve the sensitivity and specificity of the diagnosis of early-stage tumors.